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Chip sealing is a form of treatment used to surface roads. A thin base of hot tar or asphalt is distributed evenly over the surface to be sealed, and then embedded with finely graded aggregate like small, crushed rock using a chip spreader. Heavy pneumatic rollers are then used to smooth the surface and help adhere the rock to the tar, creating a paved surface. Sometimes the surface can be additionally sealed with a top layer, called a fog seal or enrichment.

Asphalt Tar and Chip Sealing Work

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The earliest sealed roads, used tar sealing instead of chip sealing. The two methods of sealing use similar materials, but the method of application differ. In tar sealing, asphalt and crushed rock is pre-mixed and then laid out on the roads and pressed by rollers, forming a very durable and smooth surface. Chip sealing costs only 15-20% of tar sealing and lasts 7-10 years on an average. It is also more environmentally friendly, with less staining, skin irritations, and strong smells. A chip sealed road will dry faster and is aesthetically pleasing with a black, matte finish.

Gravel Tar and Chip Sealing Work

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The strength of tar sealing lies in durability. Coal tar is a very dark, durable product. Mixed with stone and other polymers, it is suitable for very high volume traffic and needs almost no maintenance. Therefore, for high traffic roads like highways, tar seals are preferred, while chip seals are more likely to be used for lower traffic volume roads like country roads. At Roadco, we offer a variety of asphalt services to meet your individual needs. We have an outstanding team of workers, and we use the best quality equipment and materials that are available in the industry.

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